Sacred Intention Bath Ritual bags
Sacred Intention Bath Ritual bagsSacred Intention Bath Ritual bagsSacred Intention Bath Ritual bagsSacred Intention Bath Ritual bags
These extra special Sacred Intention Bath Ritual bags are made with Himalayan salt which has been through a sacred love ritual and soaked in essential oil & infused with dried herbs & flowers and you have the choice of your own intention crystal.
We all need to make special time for ourselves to replenish and rejuvenate.  There are so many benefits from taking a deep cleansing bath with detoxifying Himalayan salt. 
Himalayan salt is mined at the foot hills of the Himalayas in a salt deposit which was created by ancient oceans 250 million years ago.  These salt beads are free from any modern day pollutants as they have been buried by lava, ice and snow for millions of years.  The salt is a beautiful pink colour due to the amount of pure minerals that is found in it.
Bathing in this gift from the earth is so beneficial for your health, it gives your body a detoxifying boost as it soaks ups these magic minerals. 

During your ritual place the Himalayan salt mixture into bath water to release its magical healing properties
By using the variations you can choose which intention you would like and each box comes with a blessed crystal to help you achieve that intention, a hand made scented candle and full instructions and explanations of the properties of the Bath salts and crystals.
You can choose from the following intentions:
Howlite for Calming & Balancing
Lapis Lazuli for Physical & Emotional Wellness
Tigers Eye for Creativity & Spiritual Awareness
Green Aventurine for Motivation & Energy
Rose Quartz for Positivity & Happiness
Amethyst for Protection & Negativity deflection
Citrine for Wealth luck & Prosperity
Red Jasper for Grounding
Or to give yourself a extra special indulgent treat you can choose the whole collection of 8 Sacred Intention Bath Ritual bags each with their own crystals & handmade scented candle.
The crystals are safe to be submerged in the bath water with you, which will act as a conductor of energy and heighten the properties of the crystal and enable you to harness the power of the crystal spirit in your bath ritual.
Each of these hand made boxes will come with a Beautiful Boho Lavender Bag and edible rose petals with a biodegradable tea bag to make yourself a cup of heart chakra opening Rose Tea to use in your sacred bath ritual.

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