Ostara / Easter Blessings Box
Ostara / Easter Blessings BoxOstara / Easter Blessings Box

This meaningful and beautiful Collection has been lovingly put together for your alignment into spring.  The collection includes:

Amazonite scented healing bracelet - The stone of Balance

A hand crafted Spring wreath with crystals, shells and charms 

A ostara workbook and journal with lots of information what to enjoy th outdoors an forage, what to do in your garden in prep for summer, spells, rituals, poems, crafts 7 so much more.

Sacred intention bath salts for your own rituals

Seashell, feather & Easter hare earrings

Hare & pentagram pendant 

A collection of crystals aligned to the spring energy with a copper lined trinket dish

A smoke cleansing kit to encourage positive energies 

A scented ritual candle with crystals and dried herbs & flowers

This is a box of pure joy which you will delight in receiving at a huge discount then if you where to purchase each piece separately.

Every piece hand made with so much love and blessed with healing reiki energies


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