Hand Made Material Crystal Grid
Hand Made Material Crystal GridHand Made Material Crystal GridHand Made Material Crystal Grid

Crystal grids can be powerful and mysterious.  This Beautiful Boho crystal grid will guide you through how to create our own grid to bring you the intention you need towards you.

Each material grid is beautifull hand made with love and blessings and has been designed to be easily transported so you can take you grid anywhere your heart desires to create your grid.  Whether it be to the beach, woods, hilltop or in the comfort of your own home.

Build your grid by following the guidelines you will receive, but feel free to call on your intuition with rocks, leaves and flowers that you find outside to add to the grid.

There is a list of the recommended crystals printed on the grid alongside a written recommended intention. 

 You will receive clear instructions on how and when to use the grid, how to make the grid, how to call on your intuition along with all the properties of the healing stones that is suggested to use with the grid.

This is the material grid only, there is an option to buy the crystals as a kit if you would like.

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