The Goddess Island Summer Solstice Sacred Sister Circle Celebration Retreat
The Goddess Island Summer Solstice Sacred Sister Circle Celebration Retreat

🌟A Beautiful Boho & Empress Tarot collaboration 🌟

A unique overnight celebration sister circle retreat on a secret Island on the day and evening of the Summer Solstice, a time of great rising energies & power.

In this beautiful setting we will be with sisters, alone with Mother Nature our Great Goddess Gaia  to truly allow our inner wild self to be set free of any restrictions & conditioning.

We will honour the energies of the elements

Aligning with the element of cleansing fire in the south with the powerful sun energy at its peak,

Honoring the element of spirit with Water in the west as we watch the sun set on the longest day,

Facing north and the earth honoring the transition into the dark half of the year,

Finally, we will watch the sunrise in the East celebrating the element of air and the life force energy.

This time together will be truly sacred, unique time, taking us back to our primal instincts where we connect deeply with mother earth, the cosmos and our consciousness.

Shelter, food, drink & water transport included.

We will be travelling for a short distance in a boat, please reach out and contact if you would like to discuss details of the offering including accessibility, food and sleeping arrangements.

You will receive full instructions and information of this beautiful retreat nearer the time.


Energy Exchange £222

Please Click Below for Payment plans  🌟🙏🌟

Date 20th  / 21st June 2024


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