Self Care Gift Box
Self Care Gift BoxSelf Care Gift BoxSelf Care Gift BoxSelf Care Gift BoxSelf Care Gift BoxSelf Care Gift BoxSelf Care Gift Box

It is recommended that you take at least 25 minutes per day as time for yourself.  Whether that be reading, taking a long bath, taking a walk in nature or just sitting on your own. 

As little as this time may sound, it is rare that we actually do take this time, especially if we are busy people living busy lives. 

I have lovingly created this Self Care gift box which is full of little prompts to push you towards taking this time, whilst harnessing the energies of holistic magickal tools. You can give this as a gift to yourself or give this gift to someone you know would benefit. Male or female, this box benefits all. 

You will lovingly receive: 

  • A spring of sage with an oyster shell ash dish to cleanse yourself or your spaces 
  • 150g of herb & essential oil infused bath salts to indulge in a gorgeous hot bath 
  • A crystal affirmation card printed on seed paper for you to plant, when the time is right to fully embody the affirmation to mother earth 
  • A crystal bracelet & crystal aligned to the seed paper affirmation card  
  • A crystal infused scented candle  
  • A recyclable tea bag of Rose Tea to open your heart chakra allowing the love into your heart space 
  • A Beautiful treasure chest with a hand wood burnt mandala to keep all these self-care pieces in, with your affirmation card. 


You will also receive a handwritten pdf, explaining about the properties of the pieces in the self-care box with an amazing link to a purifying & cleansing sound bath and you can listen to again & again. 

You can choose from 5 different crystals by clicking on the variation box, choose which one you resonate with.

This collection has been hand made with so much Love & blessed with healing reiki energies.

For the bracelet sizes please specify from the following sizes in the variation drop down box.


Small - To fit 14cm - 16cm circumference wrist
Medium - To fit 16cm - 18cm circumference wrist
Large - To fit 18cm - 20cm circumference wrist

For larger sizes please specify the size required in notes at checkout.


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