Sacred Circles Mala
Sacred Circles MalaSacred Circles MalaSacred Circles MalaSacred Circles MalaSacred Circles Mala

This is the Sacred circles mala and is seeped in beautiful symbolisum and connects us all as one. 

The mala has been made with 108 beads a sacred number used for chanting mantras.  The piece has been designed with specific crystals for encompassing the chakras when worn as a necklace.

💗White tassel symbolising pure white light that shines within us all

💗Crescent moon for the divine feminine

💗Red thread has been used with 13 carnelian beads symbolizing the sacred teachings of Mary Magdalene

💗5 Sunstone & 5 moonstone encircled honouring the sacred masculine & feminine eternal union & yin & yang energy, also honouring the 5 elements of earth, air, fire, water & spirit

💗Rose Quartz encompassing the heart chakra invoking Unconditional Love 

💗Lapis Lazuli honouring our beloved goddess Isis and her temple of goddesses, compassionate communication sitting on the throat chakra, Lapis Lazuli is also the sacred stone of the medicine Buddha a very powerful healing Buddha.

💗Clear Quartz to bind the piece as the master healing crystal heightening and awakening the pineal gland linked to our third eye and crown chakras

💗A beaming bright light of unity.

💗Sandalwood beads, which have been soaked in sandalwood oil for spiritual purpose.

💗An oil diffusing Lava bead as the Guru bead which indicated the start and end of your practice.  You can soak this bead in the sacred circles blend or an oil of your choice to accompany your practise.

This sacred mala has been hand made with so much love whilst in meditation and whilst using ancient heart opening techniques and infused with healing Reiki energies.


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