Remo 16 inch Buffalo Drum
Remo 16 inch Buffalo DrumRemo 16 inch Buffalo DrumRemo 16 inch Buffalo DrumRemo 16 inch Buffalo Drum

Reconnect to the Ancient Healing Power of The Drum with a beautiful 16 inch Remo Buffalo Drum. Made from synthetic materials, this drum has the most beautiful repercussion, a deep vibrational sound that will take you back to your roots, reconnect you with your ancestors and deeply connect you into the healing vibrations of Mother Earth. 

A synthetic skin drum is vegan sensitive but also allows you to play the drum outside as the difference in temperature will not effect the synthetic skin drum.

Drumming is a renowned sound healing intuitive practice, that you can enjoy alone or in groups.  Come along to one of my drumming circles and events and bring your drum with you.

You have the option of purchasing online, or in person where you can connect with the spirit of your chosen drum. 

Please contact me for more information.

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