Palo Santo smoke cleansing stick
Palo Santo smoke cleansing stickPalo Santo smoke cleansing stickPalo Santo smoke cleansing stick

This is the Beautiful Boho Palo Santo Cleansing stick.  It has been ethically sourced from fallen branches of the holy tree.

Use this to smoke cleanse your space prior to your Rituals, Light the stick and burn the flame for 30 seconds then blow it out leaving the smoking stick.  The smoke will clear your space from negative energies, leaving space for you to bring in the intention of your choice.

‘’May this space be cleansed from negativity & unwanted energies,

I release all the negative energy that does not serve me, I call back my power of love & light into this sacred space’’

This piece comes beautifully packaged with an explanation on how to safely light the sacred wood and a release & let go blessing.

This piece has be hand curated with love and blessed with healing reiki energies.

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