Moonstone Holistic Healing Ring for Calm & Balance
Moonstone Holistic Healing Ring for Calm & Balance

You can wear this beautiful stone as a healing ring and take its powers with you wherever you go.

Moonstone can vary from white to translucent peach in colour and promotes Calm & Balance  It is the birthstone of June. 

Moonstone is believed to be strongly connected to the moon. It is a calming stone and can be very effective in soothing the emotions.

Moonstone is said to be the stone of women and is believed to enhance feminity, gentleness, receptivity and intuition. It is said to help reduce PMT and to lesson the problems associated with the menopause by slowing down the hormonal changes.

Moonstone is also believed to aid the reproductive system, benefiting conception, pregnancy and childbirth.

Wearing Moonstone as a pendant or placing it on the brow chakra is said to enhance your psychic abilities and spiritual awareness.

Placing this crystal on the solar plexus & heart chakra is said to bring forward old emotional issues which can then be dissolved.

In healing Moonstone is believed to heal upper digestive disorders that are being caused by old emotional problems.

Due to the natural formations of these healing stones the images are an example, pieces will differ in size, shape and colour.  This will not effect its healing powers.

This piece has been made with love especially for you.

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