May Flower Super Moon Ritual Kit
May Flower Super Moon Ritual KitMay Flower Super Moon Ritual KitMay Flower Super Moon Ritual KitMay Flower Super Moon Ritual KitMay Flower Super Moon Ritual Kit

The next full moon will be on the 7th of May and will be the last Super Moon of this year.  It is called the flower moon because of the beautiful blossoms and blooms which surround the countryside at this time.

It is also called the blessing moon as this time of year we bless the earth and give thanks to Mother Nature and the beautiful creatures that live alongside us as she starts to provide for us.

To assist you in your full moon ritual I have created this May Flower Super Moon Ritual Kit, it is a beautiful collection of magical tools for you to use and harness the energy of the Flower Super Moon which will continue to serve you.

Included in this kit:

May Flower Super Moon Healing wrap jewellery, this multi functional piece has been inspired by nature’s colours which is present at this time.  The piece has been made with butterfly & bees charms to honour these creatures, copper & magnetic hematite beads to aid our bodies, detachable lava bead charms which act as oil diffusers.  This piece can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or anklet.

A collections of essential oils which vibrational energy is significant at this time, including a vial of citronella which act as insect repellent in preparation for the coming months where we will be spending more time outdoors.

A collection of healing stones for you to place out in the moonlight on the full moon consisting of:

Raw Green Aventurine  - for prosperity & wealth for the coming growing season

Sunstone – to harness the energy of the sun

Flower Jasper - brings well-being, strengthens the immune system

Chrysoprase – The crystal of May AND Emotionally Grounding

A white sage bundle for cleansing your sacred space prior to your ritual

All of which will be beautifully packaged, with full explanations of the healing stones, essential oils,  how to use the pieces and full moon ritual guide.

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