Mabon Autumn Equinox Grimoire - Instant Download
Mabon Autumn Equinox Grimoire - Instant Download

This beautiful transitional journal has been written from the heart with information and knowledge I have gathered over years of research, practice, intuition & spiritual downloads.

It is an informative Journal which offers ideas for you to align yourself with the rhythms of nature especially the transitional energies of the Autumn Equinox , with ancient rituals, crafts, Playlists, ceremonies & meditations what to watch out for in nature and how to enjoy the bountiful gifts that Mother Nature presents us and how to feel connected to her.

There is space to journal with guided meditations, this a working transitional journal to assist you in making the most of your flow through from summer into winter and the next earth festival of Samhain

This Autumn Equinox Grimoire & Transition Journal is available as a instant pdf download.

Hand written with so much love and blessings by Laura the creator of Beautiful Boho.

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