July Gratitude Journal
July Gratitude Journal
This hand-written Beautiful Boho Monthly gratitude journal is full of amazing elements to assist you in your sacred self-care.

If you are looking to live more magically, following the cycles of nature, moon & earth magic plus tapping into the secrets of the universe then you will LOVE this journal.

Each page has an affirmation for the day, space to journal & what you have to be grateful for to assist you in raising your vibration on a daily basis for a happier healthier you - mind body & soul.

With key dates such as the new & full moon, your moon ritual prompts and much more moon phase knowledge with links via QR codes.

Crystal & essential oil knowledge to assist you with the energies of the month and wheel of the year celebration information.

So much care, love & attention has gone into creating this journal, especially for you.

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