Imbolc Ritual Candle
Imbolc Ritual Candle

This Beautiful Boho intention candle has been hand made with ethically sourced Soy Wax and natural wood reed wick. It has been scented with a unique essential oil blend made from:

Green Mandarin - The oil of Pure Potential

Geranium - The oil of Love & Trust

Use this beautiful candle in your rituals to call on the plant spirits and the Celtic Goddess Brighid to assist your with alignment into spring honor & connect to the beautiful Triple Goddess of Fire, Brighid.  One of our most powerful goddesses. The warrior goddess of ultimate strength, courage & Wisdom. The Celtic Goddess of the Sacred Flame.  The protector of Hearth & Home. The Goddess of fertility, creativity and abundance.  The maiden Goddess of Spring.

Use this candle with the usual caution when working with a naked flame.

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