Garnet Motivation & Energizing Holistic Healing Stone
Garnet Motivation & Energizing Holistic Healing StoneGarnet Motivation & Energizing Holistic Healing Stone

Garnet is deep red in colour and promotes Motivation & Energising and is the birthstone for January. 

Garnet is a powerful energising and regenerating stone. It is the stone of Health and Life Force.

It promotes good health and vitality and can enhance your love life and sex drive. It is a warrior's stone and was traditionally set into shields and sword hilts to give protection in battle.

Garnet is a useful stone in a crisis as it can fortify, activate and strengthen the survival instinct bringing courage and hope into seemingly hopeless situations, thus turning a crisis into a challenge.

It can also remove inhibitions and taboos opening up the heart and bestowing self-confidence. Garnet can be placed on the Base Chakra to boost and energise the whole Chakra System giving you increased energy and endurance.

A balanced Base Chakra can result in feelings of vigorous good health and boundless vitality, keeping you grounded and fully 'earthed' so that nothing can shake you.

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