Flower Moon Healing Stone Collection
Flower Moon Healing Stone CollectionFlower Moon Healing Stone CollectionFlower Moon Healing Stone CollectionFlower Moon Healing Stone Collection

A collection of crystals which are aligned with the Flower Supermoon of May 7th 2020.

These healing crystals will be cleansed and charged with the powerful healing energy of this super moon and infused with blessed reiki & healing mantra light.

Each of these stones have been especially selected for there healing power to assist you in the coming months with their very special healing power.

Raw Green Aventurine:  Wealth, Luck & Prosperity

Sunstone: Motivation & Energy

Flower Jasper: Physical & Emotional Wellness

Chysoprase: Calming & Balancing

This collection also includes a Bee necklace for you to wear as a symbol of your appreciation of the amazing flora and fauna and the creatures which are responsible for the beautiful Blooms which surround us at this time.

The Bee Symbolizes community, brightness and personal power. 

This unique and beautiful healing stone collection will come beautifully packaged with the healing properties of the stones and a crystal holder to enable you to wear the crystals as a necklace 

 This collection has been made with love especially for you.

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