Dreamcatcher & Turquoise Pendant for Protection, positivity & Happiness
Dreamcatcher & Turquoise Pendant for Protection, positivity & HappinessDreamcatcher & Turquoise Pendant for Protection, positivity & Happiness

This Beautiful Boho Dreamcatcher Pendant is rich in symbolism, with almost every part having spiritual connotations.

The circular shape of the dreamcatcher represents the circle of life, with no beginning and no end. This is significant to many Native Americans because they believe that death is a part of life and that the spirit lives on.

The dreamcatcher is woven to resemble a spider's web, and a single bead represents the spider.

Multiple beads represent trapped dreams. Dreamcatchers often have different types of feathers. Birds such as eagles are important spiritual signs and symbols in the Native American culture.

This piece has been inset with Turquoise.

Turquoise comes in all shades of blue and green and promotes positivity & Happiness and is the birthstone of December.

It improves the mental state overall by increasing all of the following positive mental characteristics: serenity, creativity, empathy, positive thinking, sensitivity, intuition, happiness wisdom all of which result in a calmer state that leads to greater self-realization. It is also considered a stone of friendship.

As a communication stone, it is believed to open up the connections between friends and allowing love to flow in those communications, which strengthens the friendship bond. Further, they believe it has the power to strengthen convictions, courage and personal power.

This piece comes on a 18inch chain, other chain lengths and materials can be requested by sending me a message.

This piece has been made with love and blessings especially for the wearer.  

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