Copper wrapped Fuchsite pendant
Copper wrapped Fuchsite pendantCopper wrapped Fuchsite pendantCopper wrapped Fuchsite pendantCopper wrapped Fuchsite pendant

Copper wrapped Fuchsite pendant

Copper is a conductor of energy and when used together with crystals will heighten the properties of the crystals.  Copper has its own healing properties the most common being the ability to ease ached and pains caused by arthritis.  Copper also has anti aging, anti-toxifying and pain relieving qualities. Especially when worn against the skin. 

Fuchsite is the stone of rejuvenation & renewal.  It will give you a fresh perspective on life and will make you appreciate all the good things you have going for you.

This stone carries the energies and vitality of youth, and it will fill your life with joy, laughter, gratitude and playfulness.  It will give you a sense of excitement, and it will make you look forward to what lies ahead. 

Fuchsite will assist you to raise your vibration, showing you how you how you can derive joy and satisfaction even from the little things.  It will make you understand how important it is to feel gratitude for all that you have and the importance of sending out into the universe what you would like back in return.

Fuchsite is loved by nature spirits, they are strongly connected to this beautiful stone.  Wearing fuchsite will allow you to tap into the fae and their wonderful playful energies, allowing you to see the world from a different perspective of wonder and awe, like looking through the eyes of a child.

This piece comes on a 22inch copper chain and had been hand made with so much love and blessed with healing reiki energies.

As this piece is hand made it will come in different shapes and sizes with different copper patterns with the wrapping.

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