Compassionate Communication Collection
Compassionate Communication CollectionCompassionate Communication CollectionCompassionate Communication CollectionCompassionate Communication CollectionCompassionate Communication Collection

 This beautiful collection comprising of a necklace & a aroma healing bracelet has been made for you to wear in times where a softer touch of communication is necessary. 

The Necklace piece has been made with Chrysocolla which is named  ‘The Goddess Stone’ is excels at teaching the appropriate response in different situations. 

This calming crystal will help you speak the truth but will also help you to hold your tongue. 

Its feminine heart centered energy will help you put your point across with confidence and compassion. 

The piece has been carefully wrapped in copper, which is a conductor of energy, this will heighten the power of this piece and channel the properties of the crystal.

Chrysocolla is aligned to the throat chakra and this piece has been designed to be worn in within the Throat Chakra energy centre.


This Beautiful Boho Aroma Healing Compassionate Communication Bracelet has been made to connect the Heart Chakra & Throat Chakra to enable heart felt effective communication. 

Aligning with the Throat Chakra are Turquoise & Amazonite, aligning the Heart Chakra Chrysoprase & Rose Quartz. 

Connecting these two crystal collections are lava beads which act as oil diffusers for a vail of DoTERRA Geranium essential oil.  

Geranium DoTERRA Essential Oil promotes the appearance of clear skin and healthy hair making it ideal for skin and hair care products.

The aroma also helps promote a feeling of calm and balance and brings feelings of trust, love, tolerance & openness making it an extremely effective oil for compassionate communication.

This Vial has been diluted with fractionated coconut oil.

 This piece has been made with love & Blessings Especially for you.

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