Chrysoprase Holistic Healing Stone Emotionally Grounding
Chrysoprase Holistic Healing Stone Emotionally GroundingChrysoprase Holistic Healing Stone Emotionally Grounding

 Chrysoprase is multicolored green stone and is Emotionally Grounding the birthstone for May. Chrysoprase is said to be a problem clarifier.

It brings unconscious thoughts to the surface and allows insights into personal problems. It gives an acceptance of oneself and others and encourages forgiveness and compassion.

Chrysoprase is also believed to draw out inner talents and stimulate creativity while it's gentle vibrations are used to aid sleep and relaxation and to reduce nightmares.

Chrysoprase is said to bring the energy of springtime and renewal and to help you let go of feelings of jealousy, resentment, selfishness, greed, hypochondria and scarcity.

It is also thought to enhance fertility. Chrysoprase is linked to the Heart Chakra. Placing it on this area will expand and relax any feeling of tightness and anxiety trapped there. To prevent it fading keep this beautiful, apple green crystal out of direct sunlight.

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