Gaia’s Gift Ceremonial Cacao
Gaia’s Gift Ceremonial CacaoGaia’s Gift Ceremonial CacaoGaia’s Gift Ceremonial CacaoGaia’s Gift Ceremonial Cacao

Gaia’s Gift Ceremonial Cacao is a celebration of gratitude & reverence for Mumma Cacao. She has ignited the ancient fire deep within our wild souls & led us back to her sister Gaia, Mother Earth, here we have fallen at her feet in deep resonance & gratitude honouring every inch of her infinite beauty and bountiful gifts.

Cacao is one of the most nutritionally dense superfoods, containing more antioxidants than any other food on the plant, and has many amazing medicinal benefits. It's a high source of Magnesium, has more Calcium than cows milk and contains zinc, copper and selenium. It's a powerful source of four scientifically proven bliss chemicals – serotonin, anandamide, dopamine and phenylethylamine.

Gaia’s Gift Ceremonial Cacao reflects the true cost of fair trade. We are working hard to help both the Ashaninka Tribe and Tsatsayaku Association protect their land. Here at Gaia’s Gift Cacao we are passionate about building awareness for the care of the beautiful rainforest and the ancient products that thrive there. By giving these co- operatives a fair price for their cacao, we enable them to be more economically independent, whilst maintaining and protecting the forest and wildlife they inhabit.

Using cacao in ceremony is a beautiful opportunity to take a shamanic journey to meet the spirit of Cacao. A time for stillness and inner peace, away from the outside world. On meeting with cacao’s spirit, she will help you to reconnect with your true self and your own inner knowing.

Gaia’s Gift Cacao is prepared in ritual ceremony on the New Moon, blessing & infusing her with the intention of pure love. Your Gaia’s Gift Cacao is then charged on a crystal grid which allows the Cacao to absorb powerful crystalline energy.

Cacao dosage guidelines
21 grams of cacao for enjoying on a daily basis.
42 grams of cacao for a ceremonial dose for deeper heart connection.
Always listen to your body & intuition to judge your own dosage.

With so much Peace, Love & Blessings, Laura & Steph

When consuming Gaia’s Gift Ceremonial cacao please avoid caffeine and cow dairy as it does inhibit the full effect of the cacao. It’s best to not eat the two hours before drinking Cacao.
Please be aware that antidepressants are a contraindication when working with Cacao. You should not consume ceremonial cacao if you have a heart condition. If you are taking any medication, please consult your doctor/ health practitioner before ingesting cacao.
Do not consume ceremonial grade cacao if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or sensitive to caffeine and stimulants.

When drinking cacao, we advise you not to drink coffee or any other stimulants, alcohol or drugs. To see the best results, it is advised that you drink your cacao around the same time each day.
It is not advised that you drink more than 20gms per day and we ask that anyone who is taking SSRIs or antidepressants not to drink the cacao.
Cacao has a significant caffeine content that can increase your heart rate if you are sensitive. Some people may be allergic to Theobromine, which is the active ingredient in cacao and this can trigger headaches or migraines as well as your sleeping patterns if you are sensitive to it.
Suitable for Vegans
If in doubt about drinking cacao seek advice from your doctor or a medical professional.

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