Gaia’s Gift Ceremonial Cacao
Gaia’s Gift Ceremonial CacaoGaia’s Gift Ceremonial CacaoGaia’s Gift Ceremonial CacaoGaia’s Gift Ceremonial Cacao

Using cacao in ceremony is a beautiful opportunity to take a shamanic journey to meet the spirit of Cacao. A time for stillness and inner peace, away from the outside world. On meeting with cacao’s spirit, she will help you to reconnect with your true self and your own inner knowing.


Gaia’s Gift Cacao is prepared in ritual ceremony on the New Moon, blessing & infusing her with the intention of pure love. Your Gaia’s Gift Cacao is then charged on a crystal grid which allows the Cacao to absorb powerful crystalline energy.


You’ll find us drinking our cacao outside, dancing with the elements, playing with the earth spirits, mud between our toes, wind in our sea salt hair, fire in our belly’s and love in our hearts.

We enjoy every cup in silent love ritual, engaging our hearts and aligning with our true love path, whatever that may be. We would love you to enjoy our Gaia’s Gift Cacao in this way.


To celebrate her beauty with you, with every purchase you will receive free love offerings


On the first order you will receive:

A piece of rough Rose Quartz – The Stone of Unconditional Love & Rose Buds & biodegradable tea bags. Please reach out if you would like to know more about working with crystals & holistic tools.

You will receive a different crystals thereafter with every order.

You can enjoy the rose buds sprinkled in your cacao and you can make yourself a cup of heart opening rose tea in your cacao stained cup, with the biodegradable teabag.

Gaia’s Gift reflects the true cost of fair trade. We are working hard to help both the Ashaninka Tribe and Tsatsayaku Association protect their land. Here at Gaia’s Gift Cacao we are passionate about building awareness for the care of the beautiful rainforest and the ancient products that thrive there. By giving these co-operatives a fair price for their cacao, we enable them to be more economically independent, whilst maintaining and protecting the forest and wildlife they inhabit.


Laura & STEPH


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