Brecciated Jasper Healing stone for Calming & Balancing
Brecciated Jasper Healing stone for Calming & Balancing

Brecciated Jasper an earthy healing stone red & brown in colour. It is a Calming & Balancing healing stone and is a stone of strength and vitality.

It can be used to bring mental clarity and focus to a previously scattered event, experience or life in general.

Brecciated Jasper stimulates the base and sacral chakras in addition to cleansing and stabilizing the auric field. Brecciated Jasper removes negativity from any space, returning it to its original source.

A detoxifying stone, Brecciated Jasper promotes health and healing/recovery from illness. Brecciated Jasper is a wonderful grounding stone which can assist those who feel overwhelmed when it comes to the task of organization.

Brecciated Jasper can also help in developing creativity and finding adequate outlets for the expression of this creativity. While it is said that Brecciated Jasper can stimulate the rise of the Kundalini, it has a tendency to add stability to this energy.

This is for one stone which will come with an explanation of the healing and energetic properties of the stone, fully cleansed by sacred smoke, charged by the full moonlight and blessed with healing reiki energies.

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