Manifestations of the New Moon in November 2019

Have you felt the effects of the most recent Mercury retrograde? Are you aware of this lunar phenomenon?

You’re not alone if not. Here is a brief explanation which may shed some light on why things may have been a little bit hard work for you recently…

Mercury orbits closest to the Sun, and as its orbital cycle is much shorter than Earth’s. Its because of this shorter obit, 2 to 3 times a year mercury speeds past our planet at an accelerated rate leaving a rush of space wind in its wake disrupting many things here on earth.

All this space activity causes havoc down here on earth, especially if you are aligned and familiar with these kinds of universal energies, you can learn to recognise the signs and plan for it.  

Thankfully the latest retrograde ended on November the 20th so you could use this month’s new moon to put into action those new projects and push forward new ideas which may have been hindered and affected and put on hold by the effects of the latest retrograde.

Also being the new moon, as we know is the best time for manifestation and as we may be spending more time indoors at this time of year as the days are colder and the nights are longer now is the time to focus and developed new projects.

To help bring forward and to help manifest our creative projects I have created the wealth luck and prosperity crystal bracelet.  

It has been made with a powerful combination of Citrine & Green adventurine.  

For a full explanation of the properties of these abundance attracting stones click here.

As the colder seasons take to tighten their grip we start to feel generally tend to feel imbalances, whether it be physically, emotionally & spiritually. Working with your chakras to identify and rectify imbalances can be effective and easily achieved by using crystals and essential oils.

A fantastic crystal to start with is Clear quartz.

Either put a piece in your pocket or wear it as a necklace or keyring by using a crystal holder.

Clear Quartz is a Clear crystal Promotes Physical & Emotional Healing. Clear Quartz is the Master Healing Crystal and programming crystal because it contains the full spectrum of light and as such will work on every level to bring the body into balance. 

It strengthens and stabilizes the body's energy fields and promotes harmony. Quartz can amplify both positive thoughts and energy and can stimulate positive action when it is needed. 

It can be held or worn to promote clarity of thought and to help you to see your way more clearly. 

Place Quartz near your computer monitor to help dispel static electricity and to combat radiation. 

Quartz is said to help you release any negative energy you may have absorbed from other people and to help you to fight feelings of inadequacy. 

Quartz can be used to harmonize all the Chakras as it contains all the colours in the light spectrum.

Clear quartz is and excellent crystal to mediate with and use to address any imbalances if you click here you can be guided through a chakra balancing meditation. 

I hope you enjoy stepping up your plans now we are out of the retrograde and are not being held back or having to deal with energetic disruptions from the cosmos.

This coming month wear the Citrine & Green Adventrine abundance attracting bracelet whilst bringing your intentions into fruition. 

Wear Clear Quartz in mediation and on a daily basis to help you balance your chakras and help recognise any imbalances you may have.

Finally, take special care of yourself and look after your body physically, emotionally & spiritually as it is the protector of your soul, may they be together in perfect harmony.

Peace & Love 

Laura xx