Guided Chakra Balancing meditation using clear quartz healing stone

Clear Quartz is associated with the Crown and Third Eye Chakra and is used to align these Chakras but can essentially, with its metaphysical strength, heal and harmonize all Chakras and any other energy blockages throughout the body.

This stone is most widely used by healers as they sometimes call this crystal the 'Universal Crystal' healing any area that the life energy is not in harmony with the Divine perfection as it was intended. 

Clear Quartz is also a powerhouse for concentration during meditation, so if you a person that finds it difficult to meditate, hold a Clear Quartz and see how strong this crystal can be. 

To begin your crystal meditations, ensure the space in which you are and the crystals you will be using have ben cleansed. 

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1. Cleanse the space you will be mediating in by using white sage or by using a Tibetan signing bowl. You can keep the room cleansed by using a high vibrational mediation music. Ensure the room is lightly illuminated, and that you will not be disturbed. 

2. Have the Clear Quartz with you and position them in the hand that you feel is right. Use your intuition and your heart for the answers. 

3. You can be seated or lay down during this mediation. Just ensure that you are comfortable, use your intuition as to how and where you are going to hold the clear quartz. Once you are comfortable begin your rhythmic breathing by inhaling slowly through the nose and exhaling slowly from the mouth. As you exhale, visualize tensions, frustration, anger and stress leaving your body in dark, cloudy swirls of energy. Bless yourself, and these discordant vibrations, by affirming that these energies shall be released into the universe to find peace. 

4. Remembering where your attention goes, energy flows, start to focus on each of your chakra starting with the root. One by one spend a few minutes on each chakra and Focus your attention on the space around the chakras and the organs which are situated there. Notice any feelings of unease, stress or pain that may or may not be harboring in these organs. By using the healing & balancing vibrations of the clear quartz breathe bright white healing light into your chakras finishing with your crown. 

5. Stay here in this place of protected bliss knowing that all is as it should be and you are safe, loved and balanced 

6. When you feel ready bring your attention back to your breath, your toes and your fingers and your body. Feel the floor beneath you and take some long deep breaths. The slowly open your eyes. 

When you start to recognise feelings of imbalance you can use clear quartz with this mediation and re balance yourself. 

I hope you enjoyed this guided meditation, I would love to hear the visualisations you have had and how they have made you feel. 

 Please share this blog article with anyone you feel it would benefit.  

 Peace, love & blessings, 

 Laura xxx