Crystal Grids are the energetic marriage of sacred geometry with our beautiful crystals for the intention of manifesting our deepest desire, dreams and life goals. When creating a crystal grid you can use influences from our natural world in the form of mathematical patterns and decorate the grid with flowers, shells & feathers alongside the crystals. Intuition is the key when creating your grid, holding the intention you would like to manifest in your heart.

Sacred Geometry is all around us. It can be found in architecture, the leaves and branches of the trees, the spirals of galaxies and in the cells of the human body.
It is believed geometry provides the container for all of life, and through the study of sacred geometry, we can gain an understanding of the universe around us and unlock the building blocks of creation.

Crystals themselves are made of perfect crystalline structure, when placed under a microscope, crystals look repeating patterns of sacred geometrical formations.So when we make a crystal grid, we are aligning the appropriate stones and the geometric form with our intentions to manifest.


Crystal grids are an arrangement energetically aligned crystals in a sacred geometric shape charged by an intention for the purpose of manifestation.


Whenassembling a crystal grid, it is always best tofollow your intuition. However, most Crystal Grids include a centralstone, surrounding stones, amplification stones, and any objections ofimportance.  Cleanse your space with either reiki, sacredsmoke & herbs high vibrational music and with love, releasing and lettinggo all negative and lower vibrational energies that might be stagnant in thespace you wish to lay your grid.

The Centre Stone: Like living things, crystals have "auras,"otherwise known as an Energy Torus. Our chakra line serves as the central axisfor us. When you make a Crystal Grid, the centre stone acts as the anchor forthe Grid's Energy Torus, acting as the antennae, which is what broadcasts yourintention into the universe. The centre stone is generally the largest piece inthe grid or the highest vibrational.

The Surrounding Stones: These are the crystals that will bearranged in the geometric shape around the centre stone. How many you need willdepend on how simple or complex you would like to make the grid, as wellas the basic shape you have chosen. These act as modifiers to your grid. Thesurrounding stones also act as satellites, receiving and broadcasting theintention out into the world.

The Amplification Stones: These are typically Quartz Points orTumbles placed in a corresponding outer grid or alternatively placed ingeometric points between the Surrounding Stones. These are not completelynecessary, but quartz serves to transmit, amplify, and power up the grid evenmore.

Objectsof Importance: This can be an item from a special person, aphoto, or any other item aligned with your intention (leaves, petals,flowers, etc.).


Lightsome sacred herbs used for cleansing and then use a crystal or metal wand, apendulum, reiki, high vibrational instruments to extend your energyfield for the purpose of amplifying and transmitting your intention to thegrid.

Before activating your grid, it is best to come up with a clear,concise statement for what you want to manifest. Repeat the statement outloud, if possible, and direct your wand or hand to the centre stone. Visualizeit lighting up with your intention and the influx of energy. Then go around and"connect the dots" with your wand or hand hovering over each crystalin your gird. It sometimes helps to visualize the energy torus around the gridgrowing larger. When you feel the time is right, conclude by expressinggratitude for the crystals' support.


You can keep your grid laid out for as long as you feel isright, the more you connect to the grid with gratitude for what is beingmanifested the more powerful it becomes. It’s a practise to have fun with, useyour creativity, connect to mother nature by enjoying collecting pieces whenoutside to lay on any future grids.  Onceyou start to see and feel the energies from this beautiful practice the moregrids you will want to lay and experiment with. It is also helpful to keep a journal of the configuration, crystals&  materials used for futurereference so you can return back to the power of a particular grid you feel wassuccessful.


Have fun and enjoy the magic!

I hope you have found this a useful start in your own crystalgrid making, I would love to hear how you have found this article.


Peace, Love & Blessings,


Laura xxx