Copper crystal energising plate
Copper crystal energising plateCopper crystal energising plateCopper crystal energising plateCopper crystal energising plate

This hand made copper energising plate has been intricately made with geometric shapes designed to channel energies.

I love working with copper, it’s such an amazing healing, grounding magical mineral. It is an conductor of energy and will energise crystals, bring energy & life your intentions, and it’s beautiful shimmering colours.

This plate can be used as crystal grid, with the options to purchase small crystals for your own grid arrangements, a intention tea light holder which will bring energy and life to your intention and a crystal energising plate if you place any of your crystals on this beautiful piece they will be instantly refreshed, re energised and ready to work their magic for you.

This plate is 15cm in diameter, and easily moved about depending on where you feel it needs to be and can be made into a wall hanging on request.

Hand made with so much love & blessed with ancient esoteric healing energies which will have been absorbed into the copper and then released especially for you.




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