On the day of December 21and during the 12 nights that follow, we celebrate the winter solstice, whichis a glimpse of the approaching sunny days. The time of short days and longnights is finally over: darkness will disperse as soon as the celebration ofYule begins.

During these winter days the power of absolutelight intensifies – God, our new sun, has been born. Yule symbolizes renewaland birth in a new way, with new ideas and views. Today we are ready to partakeof the sacrament of birth and rethink the cycle of nature by contemplating theworld born again. Many Wiccans believe that it was on Yule that King Oakdefeated King Holly in a battle. From now on, King Oak will reign until highsummer.

Preparations for the feast start as early aspossible and must be completed before it begins. Wiccans refer to the nightbefore Yule as Mother’s Night: at this time it is important to light a greencandle and remember your childhood, thus paying homage to the Goddess.

Spend the following dayindulging yourself in pleasant errands: decorate the altar with an evergreentree, dress it up in the colours of the reborn Sun. Be sure to hang on the treeamulets, crystals, magical objects, and anything else that is supposed to exudea strong energy throughout the year.

Go for a walk and preparegifts for your loved ones, and children should have the most luscious gifts.Prepare the traditional Yule log of ash, willow or apple tree well in advanceand light it before and during the celebration. It is believed that this way weempower the newborn baby and protect our home. Wreaths hung on the front doorare also used as amulets safeguarding your home.

Yule is a warm and cozy celebration of familyand home. Gather your loved ones around you to greet the sun that has risenfrom the darkness – and candles will only strengthen the warmth of your souls.Recollect funny stories, have fun in the Christmas circle dance, sing carolsand tell fortunes!

Be especially watchful during the next 12nights, as during this sacred period, Goddess of Fate’s spindle spins. Thistime is perfect for rituals of prosperity and well-being, where each daydetermines a corresponding month of the year.

And although spring is still a long while away,it will surely come, just wait a little!