mercury retrograde

In astrology, Mercury symbolizes thinking, learning, communication, and commerce. Three or four times a year, the planet goes retrograde which means that visually it seems to change its course relative to the Earth and move backwards.

The event constitutes an opportunity for us to temporarily change our track from the future to the past.

During this period, it may seem to you that the regular course of things is disrupted. It becomes increasingly difficult to process information, make decisions, and communicate. Your plans appear to fall apart, and equipment seems to get out of control. People born under Virgo and Gemini are especially susceptible to this sensation, because Mercury rules over these two signs.

If you were born during a Mercury retrograde, this can be a very productive time for you.

In the coming period from 14th of January through to the 4th of February, it is not advisable to start any new business, look for work, sign any contracts, buy appliances, make trips or even plan a holiday or break.


However, these weeks are perfect for getting back to the stuff that you put aside a long time ago,especially any matters associated with education and training. You can also put your house in order, and the same is true for your wardrobe and restarting some of your old projects. 

You should be cautious in your communication throughout this time, meet new people with great care and listen carefully to what others have to say. Reminders about mistakes from the past may be embedded in your conversations, and a person you talk to may wish to analyse their life.This is very good, because each spoken word will become an opportunity to learn a new lesson.

If you have any concerns that Mercury retrograde could harm you in some important matters, use a good luck charm. The symbol oft he planet is the caduceus a staff with two snakes intertwined around it.

Peace, Love & Blessings

Laura xxx