Root Chakra Meditation

The Root Chakra





The root chakra is called the Muladhara charka and is a strong grounding chakra and is the first chakra to be formed in the body estimated between the ages of 0 – 2 years old. As the name suggests it is the stable and rooted building block for all other chakras be developed. 

The root chakra is a sphere of energy located at the base of your spine and as well as being responsible for emotions such as security, grounding, strength, motivation & energy it is also relates to parts of your physical body which reside in this area such as your bowel, hips & genitals. 

If this chakra is imbalanced in any way, then it is hard to bring your other chakras into balance. Therefore, it is important to bring your attention onto this chakra first when working with your chakra energy centers.

There arecertain tools which you can work with to connect to, reawaken, realign orrebalance your chakra, whether this be a certain colour, crystal, essential oilor vibrational frequency.

The colour which is aligned to the root chakra colour is red, when working on your root chakra wearing the colour red or having red pieces from the natural world such as flowers or leaves near you will be beneficial.

The crystals that are aligned to the root chakra will work with your own vibrational energies to rebalance & realign root chakra. When possible choose your own crystal to work with from the collection of crystals which are associated with the root chakra. Use your intuition to choose which crystal to work with on your root chakra, the crystal will resonate with you whether you will be attracted to its colour shape or texture.

The root chakra crystals & healing stone are:



Red Jasper

Tigers Eye


Carrying a crystal, or wearing a piece of healing jewellery that is aligned to your root chakra will work with you to keep your root chakra balanced, you can also use essential oils for this as well.

The essential oils that are aligned to the root chakra and will work with your own vibrational energies to rebalance & realign are:





To fill the room with medicinal scent, use these essential oils diluted with fractionated coconut oil on the lava beads on the Chakra balancing jewellery or diffuse them.

To test the scents to see which one you feel resonates you can purchase the Root Chakra Balancing essentail oil collection.

To become attuned and to be able to work with your root chakra to bring back onto balance or remain balanced mediation is a beautiful way to connect. 


Mediation with red flowers near you or wearing red, crystals, healing jewellery and essential oils will heighten your experience. 


Root Chakra healing jewellery 

made with hematite

Root Chakra healing jewellery 

made with bloodstone:

Root Chakra healing jewellery 

made with red jasper:

Root Chakra healing jewellery 

made with tigers eye

Root Chakra healing jewellery 

made with Carnelian

As with all meditations, ensure you are wearing relaxed clothing, in a safe location and well hydrated.

Recommended Guided root chakra meditation:

Music played on certain vibration will also resonate and connect and work with your root chakra, this method of clearing and balancing your chakras can be more accessible if you are not able to meditate for any reason.

Recommended Music to balance your root chakra:

It’s so important to be aware of these precious energy centers, our chakras. If we notice ill feeling whether it be physically, emotionally of spiritually and address them using these holistic methods we could fend off more serious issues occurring within our bodies and souls.

I hope you enjoy exploring and working with your root chakra and I look forward to discussing the next energy center with you, The sacral chakra.

Until then, Peace love & Blessings,

Laura xxx