Resonate and Align with crystals

I have developed this tool if you feel drawn to working with the incredible power of crystals and their healing properties.

This page allows you to Resonate and Align with the crystal that calls you. Once you have aligned and you know which crystal you would like to work with, search that crystal on my website and choose from that collection of healing jewellery or contact me direct if you would like me to make you a bespoke piece. 

This Beautiful Boho crystal alignment page gives you instant results which will help you with your crystal knowledge. Use your intuition when you answer the questions, you may be amazed at how accurate the results are. You can return to this page as many times as you feel you need to call on the crystal for their assistance. If you would like to use this tool for someone else, simply hold that person in your heart and use your intuition to choose the crystal for that person.

At a glance and using your intuition, which of the following crystals are you drawn to?