Handcrafted magickal tools to assist you in your monthly rituals

This magical monthly subscription will arrive to you at the beginning of every month ready for you to harness the coming cosmic energies for your spiritual, emotional & physical wellbeing.

Your box will contain the following magickal tools every month

A piece of hand crafted jewellery made with so much love and blessed with healing reiki energies

For your New & Full Moon rituals

X 2 scented candles

X 2 Himalayan bath salt mix

X 2 crystals aligned to the energies of the new & full moon

X 2 sprigs of Sage

Rose tea to assist you in connecting to your heart

Seed Paper to scribe your intentions

Essential Oils

An optional bag of Gaia’s Gift Ceremonial Cacao

All of which will be hand made with so much love and blessed with healing reiki energies especially for you

Accompanying the Moon Magic Box you will receive a downloadable journal which will contain the explanations & instructions for the pieces you have received in your subscription for that month 

• The contents of the box,

• The properties of crystals within the box and the meanings & symbolism of the jewellery,

• When & how to use the tools you have received to align yourself to the power of the moon

• How to to best prepare yourself for the month ahead

• Links to astronomy experts

• Links to New & Full moon sound baths

• Links to New & Full moon mediations

• Links to playlists for your rituals full of tracks which capture the energies of the month

Starting monthly cost of £30