Handcrafted magickal tools to assist you in your Sacred Self Care Rituals

This magical monthly subscription will arrive to you at the beginning of every month ready for you to harness the coming cosmic energies for your spiritual, emotional & physical wellbeing.

Your box will contain the following magickal tools every month

Arriving with you at the beginning of every month and full of amazing magical bespoke pieces made especially for you.


Along with you interactive downloadable monthly Guide & Gratitude Journal Powerful Affirmations for your monthly exchange you will receive:


Handmade healing jewellery

Scented ritual crystal candle

Herbs for spell making


Aura Spray


Sacred ritual tools

Alter decorations


SO MUCH LOVE care and attention goes into researching the coming month and making & sourcing pieces will assist you to feel aligned, connected, balanced without natural surroundings allowing the flow of great magic & manifestation into your lives.


You choose whether you would like to include ceremonial cacao in your Sacred Self Care box.