New Moon in Taurus

According to the Tropical Zodiac, the New Moon will occur in the sign of Taurus as early as April 30, 2022. Taurus benefits from the gift of energy bestowed by Venus and builds on the theme of the past Full Moon in Libra. However, we will no longer be contemplating beauty, harmony and prosperity, this new moon allows us to move forward and it is time for joy and abundance.

The New Moon in Taurus makes us all calmer and more productive. During this period, people are not inclined to act recklessly, they are eager to see projects through being proactive and motivational. Moreover, the Moon will give us a chance to schedule our current affairs wisely. The sense of calm and confidence in our future empowers us to set proper priorities and think out specific steps towards our dreams.

A new moon is a time for manifesting intentions, as we become near to the middle of the year it is time to check a check on your longer term intentions, looking back to see if we are on track which our vision of what we want to accomplish this year. The New Moon in taurus has the perfect energy to do this. Fear not if you have wondered, you always have chance to bring your life back into balance & harmony using the powers of the cosmos to assist you.

To fully tap into your intentions, indulge in idleness, rest & recuperation the New Moon is the perfect time for relaxation. The current planetary situation envisions very few difficulties, and there is no need to worry that you have to be busy.

A stellium (a cluster of planets within the same zodiac sign) in Pisces will add dreaminess and sensitivity to our mood. Any communication will be easy and pleasant today, be it business partners, old friends or significant others. Share smiles with passersby, shower people with compliments and do not hesitate to make new acquaintances.

Remember that prosperity is the way you live and think, and not just money or material objects.

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