New Moon in Scorpio

The Moon going through Scorpio is traditionally associated with the opening of our subconscious processes.

This month invites us to change irrelevant programs, while outlining a new dimension for us to work with our Self.

It is time to face the fears, attitudes and stereotypes that become an obstacle to our happy life.

Set all your worries aside and try looking at your life from the perspective of an outside observer.

The lunar month will bring us the power of inner transformation, strength, and untamed spirit.

During this period, it is also important to carefully monitor your emotional state: mood swings and increased nervous irritability are typical of this time.

Never lose your optimism and treat yourself more often to small pleasures!

The New Moon empowers us to look at our environment, while discarding all illusions.

But avoid heating up the situation, try to avert any conflicts.

Even the strongest relationships can easily be destroyed and will be very difficult to restore.

Nevertheless, the period is characterized by an upsurge in romantic relationships.

The energy of Scorpio is distinguished by intense passion, which can hardly be resisted.

This is a wonderful opportunity to dive headfirst into the inner world of your other half, to strengthen your union and have a good time.

Do not miss this chance!

You should be extremely careful in your activities. In business it is important to maintain determination and a firm mind.

The days of the New Moon in Scorpio are propitious for monotonous work and cleansing of life space. It is good to work on mistakes, get back to unsuccessful projects and analyse causes of the failures.

Suitable rituals for this New Moon are those to attract money and fulfil wishes.

The powerful energy of Scorpio favours everyone who has no doubts whatsoever about their strengths and is focused exclusively on success.

Write yourself a check, on which indicate amounts that you require.

Make notes with exact sums you need to spend and the timeframe when you need to get them.

At the bottom write your dearest wish.

After a while, the energy of the Moon will do its magic.

The ideal crystal to assist you at this time of year is Pietersite.