New Moon In Aquarius

According to the tropicalzodiac, we will welcome another New Moon on February 1, 2022, which also marksthe beginning of a new lunar year.

When the New Moon rises in Aquarius, its energyempowers us to reflect on the future, while putting aside all doubts and fears.Aquarius inspires even the biggest sceptics to pursue new heights: during thesedays, a special sense of inner freedom and confidence in our abilities is born.It is all about its planetary patrons: Saturn, acting as a strict and orderlyparent, will not allow us to dive headfirst into a world of dreams, whereasUranus, headed into the future, will provide new intellectual insights. It isfor this reason that today we are encouraged to reflect on our place in life,its spiritual foundations and priorities (with no doubts or fears).

However, you need to be cautious in yourrelationships with loved ones. Be critical of the actions of others, try toavoid conflicts — our emotional background is still unstable and even thosewords that seem harmless at first sight can provoke a fight. If the point atissue is ideas, do not be afraid to engage in discussion, as the chance offinding the right solution is extremely high.
Conversations with like-minded people should bepreferred to romantic encounters: your soul mates will be particularlyreceptive to your ideas and will support any endeavour. Throughout the nextlunar month, we will sense encouraged in our work: bring up important issuesfor discussion, embark on new projects, and actively share your point of view.

During the day, do what you are reallyinterested in, whether it is creativity or study, visit an exhibition or theatre.All incoming data will be especially easy to digest today, so take advantage ofthis opportunity.