The most intense Full Moon of the year falls in the sign of Scorpio. May’s Flower Moon sounds like sweetness and light, but there’s a thorn on the side of those roses. Scorpio is a water sign that encourages us to plunge the depths of the darkest waters in our soul, uncovering what lies below the surface. The energy of the soul-searching Scorpio Full Moon demands a ritual that respects the energy of this mysteriously psychic zodiac sign. Activate your inner witch with a Scorpio Full Moon ritual that’s sensual, sexy and seriously spooky. Think candles, crystals and burning incense to create a coven-like atmosphere for honouring the dark Flower Moon.

The eclipses this year ask us to evolve, this eclipse falls in Scorpio which rules sex, death and transformation. This eclipse will push us to make our dreams come true. That includes what relationships are worth our loyalties and which ones we should, with love, let go of.