Essential Oil Information

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Tangerine DoTERRA Essential Oil

Gladness and Creativity

Tangerine’s strong qualities of joyfulness can lift the darkest of moods. It can assist those who feel cut off from the lightness of heart often manifested by children. It encourages a person to be creative and spontaneous. Tangerine invites individuals to make room for their creative side, and asks that they reinsert fun, joy, and spontaneity into their lives. It supports individuals in accessing the abundant pool of creative energy help within the spirit. It then assists that energy in flowing through the heart and into physical manifestation. Tangerine teaches individuals to enjoy life by being more abundantly creative and to re-experience the joy and gladness they knew in childhood.

Rose DoTERRA Essential Oil 

Divine Love 

Rose Oil holds a higher vibration than any other oil on the planet. It is a powerful healer and activator of the heart. Rose invitees individuals to experience the unwavering, unchanging, unconditional love of the Divine. 

Peace Essential Oil Blend 


This blend is to assist those how lack inner peace and to help them feel connect to the divine, where people thrive. Peace invites individuals to connect to the true source of unending peace and let go of control and excess attachments in order to experience the incredible peace that flows for the divine to find peace. 

Hope DoTERRA Essential Oil 


Hope was blended to bring light into the darkest places. It reminds us that all things are filled with light that can never be taken, destroyed or diminished. This blend reassures that broken things can mend, hearts can heal and lives can be restored. The light will always penetrate the darkness.