December New Moon

The New moon in Capricorn, the last new moon of 2022 is a perfect time to think about what you would like to manifest with your intentions for the new year.  A powerful starting point for you  to start to plan under the comforting blanket of our hibernation.

Whilst we are in the stillness of mid-winter, we should carve out time for ourselves during this time of crisp clarity, using our rituals to call on your intuition, call on your our inner seer and insight to tap into our ideal visions of the future.  Turning these visions into intentions will assist you in the manifestations of your hopes and dreams.

The New Moon in Capricorn brings strong connection to assist your communities and our societies and even our earth families.  Be strong in your beliefs and trust your inner values.

Although not as stubborn as Taurus, the stable earth energies of Capricorn are suitable for performing magic concerning organisation, stability and ambition.