crystal Grids

On March the 19th & 20th, we happily celebrate the earth festival Ostara, the first equilibrium of darkness and light. The duration of the day and night is now balanced and for the next three months, there will be increasingly more daylight, bringing warmth back to us.

We worship the goddess as a maiden on this earth festival. Warmed by the light of the Sun, she awakens and removes the snow blanket from the earth, bestowing it with fertility. The maiden, and the young as God who has grown strong again, walk together through fields and forests, inspiring every creature alive to grow, embellishing the world with colors and fragrances.

Ostara marks the start of the period to plant seeds. Just as our ancestors, we plant the sprouts of our wishes, intentions and designs during the holiday. Decorate the altar with a cauldron of spring water, as it promotes all sorts of growth. Grains and flower bulbs also act as holiday symbols – very soon they will turn into luscious shoots and colorful flowers. But Ostara’s main symbol is the painted clay egg, which stands for the cyclicality of life, fertility and solar energy. Paint it with runes or magical symbols to use later as an amulet. You can also bury it in the ground so that your wish comes true and the year is successful.

Festivities should preferably be held outdoors – on this day, they will have a special power. The whole family should have a loud and fun-packed celebration with children and friends. The festive table must be as rich and varied as possible. It is especially important to make sure no one will be left hungry during Ostara. According to tradition, if you have had a hearty holiday meal, the year will be prosperous and abundant.

At this moment, the creative power of the earth awakens and nature begins its dance of life.