Combating the Winter Blues With a Little Natural Help

It is the time of year when we naturally start to feel the effects of losing the sunlight as the day become shorter and the nights longer. Throw in cloudy, wet & miserable days and our mood can seriously start to take a tumble downwards. 

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Another beautiful way to uplift yourself naturally is to harness the power of crystals and essential oils. The crystals resonate with our own personal vibrations if you choose your crystals carefully with with knowledge of their properties they can work to elevate your mood. 

Here are my crystal recommendations to combat low mood that this time of year can bring. 

Sunstone: The name in itself says it all! It connects you to the suns warm energy.

Carnelian: To motivate and enthuse.

Citrine: The stone of positivity & happiness.

Red Jasper: A grounding and stabilizing stone.

Clear Quartz: The master healing crystal that resonates on many levels.

You can purchase your Healing stones singularly or in collections, but it is important to know where you are buying from and the linage of the stone. 

Always ensure you purchase from a reputable crystal supplier. The reason for this is featured in my essential crystal article.

The healing stones featured in this article are cleansed and blessed by a trained crystal healer prior to them being sent to you. 

There are many way to keep your crystals at home, you may wish to display them in a beautiful dish, that way you can choose a crystal that appeals and resonates with you to wear or put in your pocket on a daily basis. 

My personal preference is to wear crystals as healing jewellery.  

If you are knowledgeable on the properties of crystals Combinations of crystals can be placed together to give you a complete healing experience.

Or you can wear them as a pendant or keyring.

If you are knowledgeable on the properties of crystals Combinations of crystals can be placed together to give you a complete healing experience.

The Uplift Bracelet combines all the crystals in the Uplift Kit to help you to Combat the Winter Blues.

Includes the healing stones and a crystal holder with the bracelet to give you that extra boost if you need it in the dark evenings and rainy days.

This piece has another little trick up its sleeve, a large oil diffusing lava bead. Which, when soaked with the essential you will receive with the piece will continue to provide you with motivating, Elevating & uplifting aromatherapy all day. 

The oils come in handy little vials that you can refill and keep in your bag so you can top the lava bead up when you feel you need it. 

The piece come with the Motivate and energizing essential oil collection, which contain the doTERRA blends Elevate, Motivate & the single blend oil Wild Orange.

Wild Orange

With a little help from these gifts form nature we can enjoy the darker days without it effecting our mood too much. A little sadness is to be expected but at least by following this advice you can have the tools to combat it. 

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Peace & Love

Laura xx