Beltane the celebration of life

On the night of April 30, the Beltane Sabbath marks the beginning of the bright half of the year. Nature is finally wide awake and all her energies are at their high point. Earth energies are strong at this time of year, it is a time when the veil between worlds are thin keep playful earth spirits on your side by making offerings to them with milk, flowers or crystals.

Beltane celebrates the maturity of a young God, the Green Man, he becomes a man and takes the maiden Goddess as his wife.

It is our honour to act as guests at the main wedding of the year. Spring is in full swing – and nature itself is filled with passion. The holiday inaugurates the rebirth of spent vitality, lost hopes and passionate desires. It is a time to worship & celebrate nature and thank the divine force energies that give us life.

On the eve of the holiday, all lights must be put out. Say a prayer to God and Goddess in complete darkness, place their figures on the altar and leave a festive offering of milk with honey and spring flowers to the earth spirits.

The symbols of this time of year are intertwined ribbons, The Maypole, as a symbol of the unity between the Goddess & The Green Man, balance of male & female energies as we celebrate fertility and honouring of the Sun God as we celebrate the light half of the year.

This time of year should be celebrated flamboyantly. Light candles, decorate the festive May tree with ribbons, and leave a wedding gift to the gods on its branch. It is also a great time to give gifts to your loved ones, showing your appreciation. Dance, sing songs, and enjoy the life boiling inside you. Harvest spring herbs, burn fires, gather around a festive table and share warm words. Treat yourselves to any baked goods, green salads and white wine. Place leftovers under the May tree as a gift to the magical creatures. In the morning be sure to wash your face with dew – it is believed that it not only heals you, but also makes you more beautiful.

The year is divided in two, and today this borderline is symbolized by Beltane!

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