June Gratitude Journal
June Gratitude JournalJune Gratitude JournalJune Gratitude JournalJune Gratitude Journal

This beautiful interactive journal has been created to assist you in truly aligning your focus to positivity through the coming month.

This unique journal has QR codes within the pages, allowing you into a wealth of information and self care practices that you can revisit time and time again.

It’s page a day lay out will assist you in staying present by learning about the energies of the month and what is happening around you in Mother Nature.

The daily affirmations & journal prompts will gently guide you through the month, all the time raising your vibration.

The other features of this beautiful journal are:

Month at a glance 

significant events of the coming month

day by day gratitude journal

journal prompts

crystal of the month - tear out and keep page

daily affirmations 

new moon & full moon sound bath - via QR code to Beautiful Boho YouTube channel 

Extensive information on the energies of the month

Crystal Tips and guidance to assist you through the month

New moon & Full moon ritual prompts 

wheel of the year festival information 

nature, folklore & flora information 

Tradition spells & craft ideas


fire release & let go ceremony 

So much love has gone into the production of this unique & special journal, it had been hand written especially for you and your spiritual journey.








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