Finding Gratitude in Grief Circle
Finding Gratitude in Grief Circle
'Where there is love there is grief,
and where there is grief there is love'

Feeling that you are supported is vital for your mental wellbeing, this very special circle will offer that support in a safe and protected place allowing you time to express your grief, share your feelings (if you feel called) and be with likeminded souls.

This will be a place of peace, reflection with open & honest conversations about death, grief and your feelings.  The sacred space will be kept dimly lit, to encourage you to sit in your authentic grief.

Grief can show up in only in death but in all kinds of scenarios’ this circle will be curated to support all the variations in which grief can appear – in the oxford English dictionary grief is described ‘ an instance or cause of intense sorrow’.

If you feel grief – in its many forms.  This circle will be of benefit to you and your healing.

"Grief can arrive as anger, fear, sadness, guilt, apathy, despair, numbness, powerlessness and hopelessness. And when we are witnessed and validated, acknowledged and held in loving empathic heart presence a level of healing occurs that is deeply and profoundly freeing……"     -  Stephen Jenkinson

A brief description of what to expect in the circle:

  • Shared Wisdom from masters in this field
  • Supporting Grief rituals & ceremonies
  • A sharing circle
  • A soundbath Journey
  • Gentle energy releasing & restorative yoga asana
  • Reiki healing
  • Supporting Crystals & Essential oils

With so much love, I look forward to welcoming you.

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