Stay Wild Moon Child - Magic Summer School for children aged 11 plus
Stay Wild Moon Child - Magic Summer School for children aged 11 plus

Magic School is coming to Colchester this summer!

These sessions have been designed for the older child aged 11 plus. 

These very special sessions have been designed to capture our children imagination and introduce them to holistic methods which they can use in their daily lives.

During Magic school we will be going on a crystal discovery session, learning about different forms of crystals, how they are made & formed. You will get up close and personal and will be encouraged to touch and hold the crystals, you will be taught how to use you intuition to choose  a collection of crystals including a crystal holder necklace.

Using safety apparatus, you will smash open your own geode to see the magic inside, you will keep all the pieces and be shown how to make a magic pendant from the pieces.

You will create alchemy and make your own magic calming potion for your pillow to use at nighttime to give you amazing magical dreams.

You will be shown how to make your own magical wand, and be taught how to use it.

You will choose from a collection of healing crystal beads and make your own magical intention bracelet, that will be full of magic powers.

You will be making and taking home your magic school tool kit which includes:

  • 3 crystals & crystal workbook
  • Smash open a geode and make a magic pendant from the pieces
  • Make your own Magic potion pillow spray
  • Make your own Magic wand
  • Make your own magic crystal bracelet
  • A certificate that you have successfully graduated from Magic Summer school

This is per child, parents are welcome to stay in the building during the duration of the Magic school, refreshments and parent break out areas will be provided for all.

3 dates available afternoon sessions:

25th July

08th Aug

22nd Aug

4 - 6pm

We look forward to welcoming you to Magic Summer School!

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