The Circle - Your Spiritual Community
The Circle - Your Spiritual CommunityThe Circle - Your Spiritual Community

This monthly offering will take place at The Manor Health & Wellness Centre on a Tuesday monthly 7pm– 8.45pm.

A monthly meeting of likeminded souls where we will sit in a supportive sacred circle to learn and share spiritual & ancient knowledge. You will be gifted a crystal of that month’s topic, be taken on a guided crystal meditation with the healing sounds of vibrational instruments. You will be guided through the appropriate crystal care for each of the crystals, to keep then working their best for you.

Each month we will learn about another spiritual subject, sharing ancient knowledge from experts in their field.  

There will be a sharing circle at the end of the session for questions, sharing of your advice & experiences when walking your spiritual path.  This offering is open for all, no matter what your experience. Let’s get together and create a community to have open and free conversations about our spiritual techniques. 

A warming heart opening cup of Gaia’s Gift Ceremonial cacao or herbal teas will be offered. More information on this will be provided on booking your space.

Please bring a journal - you may wish to purchase a special journal - yoga mats, blankets & cushions will be provided but feel free to bring your own cozy favorites if you would prefer.

*Sound therapy is not suitable if you are in early pregnancy, have any sound-sensitive health condition, epilepsy/seizures or have a pacemaker fitted.

Energy Transfer - £15

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