Clear Quartz Scented Hypnosis pendulum
Clear Quartz Scented Hypnosis pendulumClear Quartz Scented Hypnosis pendulumClear Quartz Scented Hypnosis pendulum

This unique piece has been made for the profession use of hypnosis.  The piece has been design so that it can be scented allowing you to use the powerful sense of smell during therapies.

There is a ring on end of a chain of the piece to allow you to hang from the finger, this piece can be brought with essential oil collections depending on your clients needs. 

Visit the essential oil page to choose your collection

Other crystals are available on request, which will also bring different energies to the piece.

This piece will come with a care guide on how to look after the crystals & use the scented lava beads. 

Length of piece from ring to bottom of pendulum

Small - 18cm

Medium - 20cm

Large  - 22cm

This piece has been made with love and blessed with healing reiki energies especially for you.

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