Ceremonial Cacao Addon
Ceremonial Cacao Addon
When consuming Gaia’s Gift Ceremonial cacao please avoid caffeine and cow dairy as it does inhibit the full effect of the cacao. It’s best to not eat the two hours before drinking Cacao.
Please be aware that antidepressants are a contraindication when working with Cacao. You should not consume ceremonial cacao if you have a heart condition. If you are taking any medication, please consult your doctor/ health practitioner before ingesting cacao.
Do not consume ceremonial grade cacao if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or sensitive to caffeine and stimulants.
When drinking cacao, we advise you not to drink coffee or any other stimulants, alcohol or drugs. To see the best results, it is advised that you drink your cacao around the same time each day.
It is not advised that you drink more than 20gms per day and we ask that anyone who is taking SSRIs or antidepressants not to drink the cacao.
Cacao has a significant caffeine content that can increase your heart rate if you are sensitive. Some people may be allergic to Theobromine, which is the active ingredient in cacao and this can trigger headaches or migraines as well as your sleeping patterns if you are sensitive to it.
Suitable for Vegans
If in doubt about drinking cacao seek advice from your doctor or a medical professional.

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