Amethyst Crystal Exlir Water Bottles
Amethyst Crystal Exlir Water BottlesAmethyst Crystal Exlir Water BottlesAmethyst Crystal Exlir Water Bottles

Set your daily intention with these Beautiful Boho Crystal Exlir Water bottles.  

Water is a great conductor of energy and will amplify the frequencies of crystals,  which sit in a separate chamber to the water. 

You will receive a water bottle and you choose which collection of crystals you would like to help set your intention.

These are the Crystals for intentions 

Physical & Emotional Wellness - Clear Quartz 

Positivity & Happiness - Rose Quartz 

Emotional Grounding - Pink agate 

Calming & balancing  - Moonstone

Protection & Negativity deflection - Black onyx 

Creativity & Spiritual Awareness  - Amethyst 

Health, Wealth & Prosperity - Citrine 

Motivational & Energising  - Carnelian

The bottle comes with a collection of crystals, you can then purchase additional collections of crystals so you can change the crystals in-line with what intention you feel you need.

Each bottle comes carefully gift wrapped in its own box and also with a  cover to protect the bottle.

Bottles contain 450ml of water and are approx 23cm in height, made from eco-friendly borosilicate glass. 

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