108 bead Bespoke Mala
108 bead Bespoke Mala108 bead Bespoke Mala108 bead Bespoke Mala108 bead Bespoke Mala

Bespoke mala birthing service, Handmade, in sacred ceremony with crystals and sacred symbols.

Choose your price depending on your budjet - £50, £60 or £70

A Mala is a sacred jewellery piece, which can be worn a necklace or wrapped around the wrist, which has 108 beads which assists you to could 108 times when you perform a chant during meditation.

Chanting mantras assist you to dive into mediation, repetitively speaking and sounding out words often in Sanskrit – the language of the ancients  - which in activates DNA codes within our very being which assists in manifesting the words of the mantra.    

A piece that you will keep forever that has been woven with so much such love and holds relevance to you, every time you work with it, every time you hold it, look at it  and wear it you will feel the  connective love between you through symbolism and crystals.

This Beautiful Boho bespoke mala will be hand made to order with a collection of crystals & charms which healing properties and symbolism are specific to you

Each piece hand crafted with so much love and blessing with healing reiki energies.

To assist the making process please could you fill out the below questionnaire, on the behalf of the person the mala will be for.


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