'Keep what is worth
keeping and with
the breath of
kindness blow
the rest away.'

our smudging kits

This is the Beautiful Boho Ancient Ritual Smudging & cleansing kit. It has all the tools needed to perform ritual alchemy using ancient techniques. Smudging is an ancient cleansing ritual which has been used for thousands of years for the cleansing of negative energies from the body, soul, internal & external spaces, materials & objects that have the power to absorb and radiate energies such as crystals and gemstones. 

 This comprehensive cleansing kit not only comes with all the tools to effectively carry out the smudging ritual but also comes with a protective hand of Hamsa and frankincense infused lava bead talisman that you can wear on your person or hang in your recently smudged space. This beautiful talisman will work to prolong the positive energy that you would have invited in with your ritual.

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Our Happy Customers

I Really Really Love It!

Amazing jewellery 💕 I have never been disappointed with anything I have ordered or purchased directly from the stall. The only complaint I have is I always spend to much money as I want everything lol 😂.Great custom service 10/10.Thank you for bringing such beautiful and perfect jewellery into my life.

Stephanie Hearn

Absolutely Brilliant!

Gorgeous pendant & crystal brought today reasonably priced & the beautiful box in came in with instructions on how to look after crystal & the benefits from wearing it, really happy with my purchase will definitely be ordering more bits, thanks again Laura x

Sara Allen

I'm in love with it!

There are no words to express how beautiful my bracelet is in so many ways!😍 I have never received a more thoughtful gift made with love, given with love, and worn with love! Thank you 💕

Melissa Nangle 


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about us

Beautiful Boho is the creation of Laura, a jewellery maker who uses the subtle power of crystals and holistic remedies to help heal others in a truly unique way.​